can be beautiful, natural, simple with no agenda except to invoke wonder and tranquility."

- Julie Richie

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Welcome to the 


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 Julie Richie


Here you can find a collection of my recent pieces (above) and examples of hand-drawn


portraits (below).  This page will link you to my online shop where you can purchase prints and other goods featuring my designs. 


If you would like something more personal, contact me about creating a unique work of art.


Whether you are commissioning a piece for an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation or commemorating the life of a beloved pet, a hand-drawn portrait makes for a beautiful, timeless memento that will be cherished for years to come.  

Portraits start at $200 and are drawn on artist- grade, archival 11 x 14 paper with ebony pencil.

To discuss commissioning your very own personalized portrait,
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