Adam and Caroline's Portrait

I'm so excited to present this portrait of Adam and Caroline. This couple are newly weds and this portrait was drawn from a photo on the first day of their happily ever after. My favorite part of this portrait is Caroline's candid, giddy smile. I love preserving moments like these with simple pencil marks combined to make a work of art that will be passed down to generations to come.

I framed the portrait with a classic, ivory, filigree frame with a thin silver inset, paired with dusty blue mats (one of the bride's favorite colors).

Adam had commissioned this to be a gift for his wife, Caroline and he asked me to wrap it. When I wrap framed portraits I like to have the drawing still standing out so I add accessories to the corners and edges. For this one, I hand picked wood flowers (from Eco Flowers), dried Babies Breath, various nuts, seeds and pinecones that I had collected from the Dolly Sods Wilderness and Shenandoah National Park. The base was a bow of artificial ivy that wrapped around opposite corners.

I can't wait to hear about Caroline's reaction when she receives this unique, extra special gift from her hubby.

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