Another End and Beginning

"January is a clean white sheet,


an empty page;

a field of freshly fallen snow

waiting to be mapped by our footsteps."

-John Foster

How is it that it's 2019? I feel like it just turned 2016 the other day. Why is it that time can can move so slow sometimes and then other times, it feels like it's moving at warp speed? No matter what's going on, time does not slow down or speed up, it just keeps going. So one is either being dragged or pushed along with it.

It's sort of a tradition of mine to photograph either the finale sunset of the year or the first sunrise or sunset of the new year. There are so many sunrises and sunsets - 365 of them, but there is only one last sunrise or sunset of one year and only one first sunrise or sunset of the following year. Whichever one is witnessed, sometimes they're not the most spectacular, but they are the only ones of their kind that one will ever see in that particular year.

It's not often people get to be present for an end or a beginning of something. Some people have many firsts in their lives. No matter how incredibly spectacular or seemingly insignificant they may seem, each one is important and unique. It's interesting to experience the ebbings and flowings throughout each of our lives, how they transform, shift, flow, metamorphose, like a kaleidoscope constantly in cycle.

This year, I caught the first sunset of the year in one of my new favorite places: Chester State Park. It's similar to an old favorite of mine back in Virginia, Sherando Lake. I like being out amongst the trees, where it's quiet, with a placid body of water and waterfowl calmly enjoying the evening, gently skimming atop the lake's surface. Water flows and sometimes reflects - just like we do, so it was a fitting spot for this milestone. It was a serene setting, perfect for thinking on the past year - even the years that came before it, and to think of what this year may bring and the plans that are already laid out.

2019 - I can't wait to get to know you, I hope I grow with you, I hope I continue becoming the best version of me.

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