First Day of Spring Tea

It's been a weird year already and now the whole world is dealing with a pandemic, social distancing and quarantine. On the upside, many people are at home taking advantage of the time off, kids are outside playing and neighbors are front porch sittin'.

Since it's the first day of spring, I figured it'd be fun to get outside, enjoy the warm sunny day and sip tea.

I took out heirloom tablecloths, belonging to women before me, of my family, who hosted many gatherings with those linens on their tables. The color scheme was simple: cobalt blue, soft pink and silver. I used a new teapot and teacup, recently gifted to me by my cousin and the other teacup belonged to our Grandma Kate.

The menu was easy yet tasty, with bread-less club sandwich stacks, grapes and oranges.

To match the soft pink of the color scheme, I served Tea Forte's Hanami Cherry Blossom tea.

Decorating our petite, cozy table was kept simple, using a small milk bottle with freshly picked camellias from my mom's garden.

There's nothing like sitting out on the front porch on such a pleasant day, soaking in all the spring beauty and neighborhood happenings while sipping tea at an adorably appointed table. I will for sure be doing this again in the future.

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