Holiday Collection 2019

I'm so excited to introduce my first ever holiday line of products and artwork!

There are two main designs: two albino deer in a pine forest and a lone pine cone.

While thinking of the type of art that would represent this holiday season, I wanted it to be special, unique and true to my story of what the holidays mean to me. Of course I went with a nature theme, because the outdoors has been the backdrop of my life. Growing up at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Charlottesville, VA, a majority of my childhood (and even early adult years) was spent exploring the woods that boarded my neighborhood. Especially around the holidays, I'd fill my wagon with pine cones, acorns, feathers and any other neat little finds to be used as decoration around the house. Throughout the winter but even more so around Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'd leave food and treats out for the little woodland critters that would visit my wooded backyard.

I've always decorated to the nines, but in recent years, I've been drawn to the more simpler, natural, way of decorating for the holidays. Bringing nature into the home during the holiday season is reminiscent of my childhood but also harkens back to the days of old and traditional Yule festivities.

At the beginning of this year, I had an extended vacation back at my childhood home. Recently, Johnson Village Neighborhood has become home two quite a unique pair of albino/leucism deer. They would visit our backyard frequently - sometimes twice a week and I would stand near the house, watching, photographing and speaking softly to them. I've never experienced anything like that, let alone two at once! They were the prettiest creatures I've been blessed to witness.

Each of the holiday products features a variation of the deer (stars vs. no stars in the sky), along with the sweet and simple pine cone.

The shop is stocked with everything you'd need to accent your holiday season from throw pillows, to tote bags, to serving trays and much more.

To shop this year's holiday collection, click on the link bellow.

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