Liz and Mike

"There's nothing quiet like the gift of art"

Drawing portraits is one of my favorite things to do, artistically speaking. It's challenging because to draw a person, it has to be spot on in every way, otherwise, it'll look off or less like them. But it's one of the most rewarding things - to see a person's reaction to a portrait, to see their eyes light up, the excitement, the emotions and memories that rush through a client when they are presented the completed artwork for the first time.

This most recent portrait was done as a gift for my cousin's wedding. There's nothing quiet like the gift of art, especially for such an important milestone as a marriage.

The portrait of Liz and Mike was a "one-stop-shop" - I drew the portrait, matted it, framed it and "wrapped" it. It's stylishly matted with a wide light grey board and I chose a thin, crackled, gold frame to set it off.

When I wrap framed artwork, I don’t like to encase it in paper and ribbon. Instead, I add ribbon and a spray of accents to just two corners. For this one I used ivory crocheted lace ribbon, a long strand of tiny white pearls, short, brown, speckled feathers, white peacock feathers, precious paper flowers which I added pearls to their centers and of course, greenery that included soft sage colored leaves which really tied everything together and set off the colors of the frame.

I made a tag using off-white, linen textured paper with torn edges. I added a thin, gold ribbon to the tag could be tied to the gift. The ribbon was attached with a gold wax seal stamped with a bee. There is a “UNIQUELY HANDMADE” stamp which I had pressed into antique gold ink. I hand wrote the note using a black, Japanese style brush pen.

It was displayed beautifully at the wedding and even (unknowingly) matched the theme and decorations perfectly! The bride and groom were so excited and honored to receive such a unique and special gift. Many of the guests were pleasantly surprised and amazed with it as well. I love when my artwork not only brings a smile to the recipients but when others have the opportunity to enjoy it, my talent has proven to do what it was meant to do - bring a little joy into the world.

This piece will be cherished for years to come and will eventually be passed down - and that simply warms my heart.

Congratulations again Liz and Mike!

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