Mother's Day

Last weekend, we treated mom to a low-key but beautiful day. At the beginning of the year, I had planned a fancy Mother's Day brunch out at a local restaurant but COVID is running rampant in the world at the moment. Instead, my brother and I hosted a small afternoon tea for the three of us.

Last year, my life exploded. I escaped a horribly abusive religious cult along with my equally abusive cult husband. Everything and everybody I knew for the past 13 years was gone in an instant. I've been having to re-learn the world around me, rebuild my belief system, network of friends, completely change my daily thought process even to the smallest most seemingly insignificant things, all while navigating through debilitating health issues and very serious emotional trauma. Most people when they leave/get kicked out of the cult have no one on the outside and often times end up homeless or in situations close to it. I was extremely lucky. I had my mom. When it became unsafe for me to continue living in my former home, she let me move in on a moment's notice. I've had her support this whole time and believe you me, once I came out with the truth about what was going on in my marriage and in the cult, she wanted nothing more than to go into full momma bear mode.

Last year when I left my husband and my religion, it also marked the 20th anniversary of us escaping my abusive father. Kind of ironic in a really not so pleasant way. But here we are again - all three of us, living together, right back where we started in a weird and hilarious mix of something reminiscent of reality TV shows like Pawn Stars, a Hallmark movie and a Lifetime series. If there's any producers out there interested in this wild and crazy story and think they can survive our daily life with us, come over with your film crew!

If it wasn't for my mom, I don't know where I would be right now.

Early Mother's Day morning, my brother and I went out driving down country roads, picking wildflowers for a bouquet for the table.

My mom grew up in Syracuse, NY, where some of the best chocolate is, including Hercules Chocolates. To give her a bit of home on this first Mother's Day in 13 years, I ordered a small box of assorted chocolates.

I inherited some of my maternal grandmother's cousin's (did ya follow that?) teacups that were passed down to me from my aunt, which I used for the tea. To honor my grandmother and my great grandmother, I placed my grandmother's high school graduation picture (one of my favorites of her) on the table with a freshly cut rose from the garden.

Our cards were homemade from pages used to decorate scrapbooks that had a tropical theme since Mom loves everything mermaids, flamingos and salty and sandy.

Thank you Mom for all that you do! We love being your kids.

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