Noack Family Photos

Nothing gives me butterflies more than reconnecting with old friends. Back in the spring, I was contacted by a girl whom I have known since.....probably kindergarten. Since graduating high school, over the years, our lives went in completely different directions and inevitably, we lost touch. But I was in my hometown this spring for a few months helping my mom prep for her big move and my old buddy had moved back to the area. She was so excited to get together to have my capture precious moments of her family.

It's awesome and trippy all at the same time, seeing friends you've known, since before you stopped sucking your thumb, with their KIDS! And hubby!

She was so proud and thrilled to introduce me to her adorable wild bunch! "Ok guys, this is Ms. Julie! I've known her since we were probably.....4!"

Her hubby is a riot and all of her kiddos are exactly like her! Especially her daughter. She is so much R's "Mini Me", I felt as though I had gone back in time to the good ol' days of Johnson Elementary School, playing on the playground, walking in line to P.E, running crazing on the soccer field. Her mannerisms, the way she talks, her laugh....everything! It was awesome and I'm so glad she's so much like her momma. Growing up and all through school, R used to have me laughing until I nearly peed! Adventures with her were guaranteed loud, rowdy trouble that was always totally worth it!

It was so great seeing R in momma role, interacting with her kids and her obvious love, pride and desire to be their defender when necessary. It was absolutely inspiring.

When I see dear friends end up with people who are good for them, good to them, encourage them to be the best versions of themselves, who are supportive, instils confidence and gratitude in me that my buddies will be in good hands and happy. After growing up with someone like R, it makes you feel good to know that they are in a good spot in life. And let me tell ya, her hubby is perfect for her and her kiddos! He's just as fun, hilarious and a wonderful anchor to the family.

Needless to say, I had a blast photographing this crazy, bursting with energy, joyful family! My face was sore from smiling so much! Let's plan to do this again guys!

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