Powell Family Pictures

Location: Winthrop University

November 2019

30 minutes of shooting time

This past weekend, I had the honor of capturing this wonderful family in their fall mini photo session.

For the entire fall season, I've been getting to know the Powell family a little bit more every week as I am teaching art lessons to their eldest daughter. I've enjoyed so much getting to learn each of their individual personalities (especially these two crazy girls, right here), including their two dogs, Max (a sweet, elderly grey and white lab), Angus (a rambunctious terrier puppy) and Dooley (the laid-back, no-nonsense older grey cat).

These girls are a riot! They are packed full of personality - one bursts like rainbow confetti and the other has everyone in stitches with her sarcastic wit. Throughout the session, I loved watching them romp and giggle through the leaves on the wooded, park-like campus. Sisters - I've never had one but I love seeing the interaction between girls who are. They may be at odds (tying to assert their own place in the family) at times but the common bond of sisterhood shines though when they each do something to show love or help the other by getting a handheld mirror for an art project or loaning the other an eraser when a unicorn drawing isn't going as planned. At the end of the day, sisters (these girls included) prove that they aren't just family who is stuck together - they are forever guaranteed friends, each other's love, support and source of laughter.

I look forward to getting to know this amazing family even better and see these two lovely girls grow in height, age, love, wisdom, knowledge and self!

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