Sage Marie And Her Farm

Yesterday, we all went up to the farm (Harvest Moon Farm) to visit my cousin's sweet three month old baby girl. She was born a week before COVID hit. She's now 3 months old. My brother and I were able to visit her in the hospital but this was my mom's firs time meeting her.

I may be a tad biased, but y'all...this baby is the sweetest, prettiest, most well behaved baby I have ever come across.

Her smile and glint she gets in her eye is by far my favorite things about her.

Sage's father is a vegetable farmer and her mother will soon be adding chickens and goats to the farm.

A farm is wonderful place for a child to grow up. It encourages outside fun, adventures, responsibility, all of which will help this locally grown girl become a strong, intelligent, balanced gal.

She already loves roaming about the gardens in her stroller and helping her daddy as he works.

As she gets older, I can see her making mud pies in puddles, picking wildflowers in the field, running around with the animals and helping to water and pick the vegetables.

We all are excited to see the things she does and who she becomes as she grows. But for now, we're all soaking her up everyday, while she's still tiny. Every moment is precious and we want to savor each and every one.

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