She's Here!

Our family has been waiting since the summer to welcome this little sweetie into the world and on March 4, 2020, she arrived!

Everyone, meet little Sage Marie!

It's been over a decade since our family has had a baby and what a joyous surprise she was when we all got word that her parents, TJ and Carrie, were expecting.

What makes this all the more sweeter is, our entire family has almost always been separated by at least two states, all over the country, for decades. Now, my mom, my brother and I, live only 2 hours from TJ and Carrie!

Fun fact: Sage was actually scheduled to be a Leap Year baby but due to some mix ups, was bumped to March 4. We may not have the novelty of having a Leap Year baby in the family but now this sweet little girl can at least count on being able to have a birthday every year on the date she was born.

(Yoda hat made by "Auntie M" because Sage's daddy is a HUGE Star Wars fan)

This sweet girl is already surrounded by so much love and is already being spoiled to the ends of the earth. Sean (my brother), LOVES LOVES LOVES babies and the way he was so cuddly with her and vigilant, you'd think she was his very own, personal tiny baby. Sage got to meet her great grandparents, grandparents, Aunt Poof and big brother and soon she will meet other family members and friends.

TJ and Carrie have a small vegetable farm, in North Carolina (Harvest Moon Farm). I can see Sage in the coming months and years, helping to garden, making mud pies, splashing barefoot in puddles, cuddling her dogs and cats, riding the tractor with her daddy and sorting vegetables with her momma. They are so excited to bring her to the farmers market, in about a month, to show her off to the "farm family", who are all very excited to meet her!

I can't wait to watch TJ and Carrie grow as parents and to watch Sage....GROW!

Darling Sage, we all love you so much and are so grateful you are a part of our family.

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