Social Distancing Adventures - Camden, SC

Social distancing can create cabin fever real quick especially for us extroverts. To get out of the house, I went on a mini adventure to one of my favorite small towns, here in South Carolina - Camden.

Along the way, I passed a magnificent, civil war era estate built in 1850. Of course I pulled over to gawk at it, take a few pictures...and guess what...its for SALE! 6 rooms, 3 bathrooms 3,020sq/ft.

The backroads of South Carolina in the spring, are dripping with fragrant, purple wisteria. It's romantically gorgeous.

Camden is absolutely precious. There are quiet streets of antebellum homes and giant oak trees, dappled lighting on the roads with sunbeams flickering through the branches, beautiful parks with well appointed blossoming trees and fountains. The first time I went was last year for my birthday, which I had to celebrate in secret while I was escaping the cult. I spent the afternoon of my 34th birthday driving around the historic town. That's when I fell in love with it.

As if Camden couldn't be more beautiful and historical, there's even an old Quaker cemetery which is think is a rarity down here in the south. It's well kept, flourishing with old oaks, blooming bushes, flowers and it even has tiny old streets with the prettiest little iron street signs.

It dates back to 1759 when the Quakers built their meeting house on the location formerly known as Pine Tree Hill. Many of the graves date back to the early 1800's with birth dates starting long before the revolutionary war.

Afterward, I stoped for a picnic lunch of tunafish sandwiches, chips and an apple, in Hampton Park. The trees were in full bloom and the bees were busy working all through the blossoms. I swear, there really is nothing cuter than a fuzzy bee butt sticking out of a flower!

There's so many cool things to do and see in Camden that next time I'll be spending more than just an afternoon. Downtown, there's plenty of cafes, antique stores (my favorite). I'm sure there's also a slew of cute places in Airbnb and even Bed and Breakfasts.

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