It's a season of renewal, rebirth, a fresh start, a clean slate, awakening and energy starts flowing.

And as am I....on the cusp of a new chapter. Both Spring and I are about to bloom in full.

My freedom will be official on April 3rd and my old life will be gone, never to hold me down ever again.

So many good things are in store for this year and some have already happened. My cousin had her baby girl last week which was a huge excitement for our family. She was the first baby to be born in over 10 years! Now, in the months and years to come, we get to watch her grow, learn, evolve in her personality, all while becoming who she is.

Also I already hit my one year anniversary from being away from my soon to be ex husband (February) and I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of escaping the cult (April).

This year (in May), I get to celebrate my first birthday, openly, since escaping the cult. Last year I celebrated it but it was in secret and low key. This year I'm turning 35 and I'll be making up for 13 birthdays that were stollen from including a milestone - 30. I'm already planning all the festivities - I'll be having an afternoon tea to celebrate!

Hopefully this year, I'll move into a new home of my own...HOPEFULLY. Things need to fall into place so cross all of your fingers and toes and pray or whatever it is that you do because having my own home would make me so happy and it would also provide me with a place to run my business, teach classes and host tea. I hope to also gain more clients for photography sessions and commissioned art work, which is hard when you're having to rebuild your entire community/network from the ground up.

But for now, I watch the Spring unfold, growing in color like an artist filling in a paint by number painting. It's so crazy to see how the dullness of winter can suddenly burst into color...not just color but vibrant color!

There's beauty in every season and my favorite season is the in between seasons, watching the transition unfold, like when a late snow falls on pretty pink blossoms.

Though there are some things for certain about this year, there are so many things left to be realized about what my life will look like in comparison to the drastic difference of life in the cult - kind of like the difference between spring and winter. There are so many buds yet to bloom and I have no idea what they are or what they will look like. But I tell ya what...I'm so excited to see what they end up being!

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