Strawberry Picking

When Sean and I were kids, in the summer, we'd go out strawberry picking at place just outside of town (Charlottesville), at farm at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Crozet, VA.

Every single time, the sun would be blazin' and it'd be hot as snot. But I loved it. It was great finding the biggest or weirdest or prettiest strawberries we could find. They'd end up as strawberry shortcake or in a rhubarb pie made by Mom. I loved being out in the country, so close to those big blue-green mountains that I lived a majority of my life near.

Now that we're all living in SC, a good 2.5 hours from any sort of mountain, I wanted to still find a farm and relive those favorite memories.

Bush-N-Vine is an absolutely adorable farm and farm store just 15 minutes from us in York, SC.

As it was in my memories, so it was today: hot as snot with the sun a blazin'. But the skies were blue with big puffy clouds...and the most delicious strawberries

We found out that they have strawberry ice cream and of course we had to get some.

It's still early in the season so we very well may end up coming back and definitely for peach season. Bring on summer!

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