Tilly and Oakley's Family Pictures

Location: Riverwalk Carolinas, Rock Hill, SC

May 2019

1 hour of shooting

Last month I had the honor of photographing these four fabulous souls.

Meet Tilly and Oakley and their parents, Rachel and Tyler.

Rachel and Tyler are two of my favorite humans. I've known Rachel since 2010. She's a physical therapist and Tyler is a high school teacher/high school football coach. They tied the knot back in the summer of 2017 (where I helped capture the memories of their wedding) and shortly after opened their loving home to a special needs rescue puppy - Tilly. She came with a neurological disorder that makes movement for her hard and unsteady sometimes. They were not afraid to adopt a dog with health issues like Tilly's because they recognized that the most important thing any animal needs regardless of their situation, is love and support. Tilly has improved by leaps and bounds since becoming part of Rachel and Tyler's doting and devoted home.

Tilly and Rachel

Oakley boy

About a year later, they adopted Oakley. He's proven to be such a compliment to their growing family and a wonderful "brother" and friend to Tilly. The two of them love each other to the ends of the earth and back. Oakley is a sweet and gentle being and can strike a studdly pose.

For this shoot, we chose the Riverwalk Carolinas, a meandering path along the Catawba River, shaded in large, beautiful oak trees.

Rachel and Tyler - you guys are the best dog parents these two pups could ever ask for.

Tilly and Oakley - You two are such well behaved, patient, loving, fun pooches! Keep those treats comin', Mom and Dad!

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