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Afternoon Tea

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This afternoon tea was bursting at the seams with details!

As you walked into tea, you were greeted by a handmade sign, framed with mosses, lichens, dried flowers, stained a weathered walnut grey and the lettering was fittingly done in Robin's Egg Blue.  Garden creatures, as you can see, are already present (the bird and butterfly).  Since ivy hung thick on the walls of the garden, in the story, I made sure to include lots of it in the decorations.  


The curtains that framed the entryway have a soft sage green background and have an almost antique vine and bird print - fitting for the theme.


At the center of the entry, I've included a quote from the book along with the instrumental little robin

The one wall was covered in pages from the book and on either side hung sheets of ivory lace.  The wall was accented with ivy and butterflies


One of the side tables was decorated with a white satin tablecloth and the book cover that was in a white frame of branches and birds


A wooden Indian elephant stood in the center as a nod to the Indian aspect of the story.


There was a plate of assorted bagged teas and a small gar of honey featuring a tiny bee


At the end of the table there was a small wooden fox - the fox being one of Dickon's animals

Even the tea boxes were reminiscent of India as they portrayed a Bengal tiger and and elephant 

Over the window I hung some sheer ivory lace fabric with Swiss dots and draped ivy across it then accented it with other florals, birds and butterflies.


My antique clock was also dripping with ivy and on top sat two little songbirds.


The second I made to look as though ivy had grown up it with a few pale pink blooms around a vintage looking mirror.


The entire chandelier was wrapped in ivy all the way to the ceiling and a few little birds sat amongst it's greenery

The table was covered in a simple sage green linen tablecloth.  In the center was a birdcage decorated in greenery and flowers.  On top, Dickon's crow perched with wings spread.  On either side were two, white, 3-tiered towers.


Instead of doing placemats (like I usually do), I made wreaths for the place settings.  Half were different from the other half and were placed alternately around the table.


Each antique teacup was unique but they all were painted with flowers so as to keep with the garden theme.  Some of them I found over the years a antique stores along the way but many of them my aunt passed down to me that belonged to my grandmother's cousins


Four of the napkin I inherited from a dear friend and the other two (at either end of the table) came from my maternal grandmother's cousin.  Each napkin had two sprigs of lavender placed on top

The silverware was my paternal grandmother's and with it's ornate floral accents, it went well with the theme 


I bought vintage looking keys for party favors which were supposed to be like the key Mary found to enter the garden.


I tore off chapter titles from pages from the book that fittingly read,

"THE KEY OF THE GARDEN" and I attached the strips to the keys with twine.

(birds in the ivy on the chandelier)

I made each place card by hand.  They were made with cream colored paper that had a linen texture.  I painted (with water colors) each person's name is vines and flowers.  The corners I stamped with flourishes


*Chicken Salad Sandwiches




*Goat Cheese

*Cheddar Cheese

*Petite Fours

Years ago, when I was still a kid, I bought this tiny stone elephant because it reminded me of the little ivory elephant from the story.

The other side table displayed the teapots and a real bird's nest that I found in the yard at my new house.

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