Winter In The Woods Afternoon Tea

On this dreary Sunday in Virginia, I hosted a Winter In The Woods themed afternoon tea as a going away party for my mom.  She and my brother will be moving near me in South Carolina come spring and we have been busy packing up her house in preparation to list it.  This afternoon we took a step back from the stresses of moving to sit down with good friends for a cup of hot, cozy tea, delicious snacks and great conversation.

Being in the throws of packing for my mom's first move in over 30 years, I kept the decorations simple, using what was available around the house which included rusticly decorated bird houses, stuffed animal moose and one tiny little ceramic groundhog, hand painted by my mom.

My maternal grandmother's china

The tableware and linens were a loving hodgepodge of thrift store finds (from our local SPCA rummage store) or family heirlooms, like the tablecloth, napkins, silverware and a few of the teacups.  Other teacups and the teapots were borrowed from one of my mom's friends.  Even some of the decorations were previous gifts from another good friend who came to this afternoon tea.  The plates were a set my mom had recently just bought.

~ Menu ~

Cucumber Sandwiches

Prosciutto with Cantaloupe Bruschetta on Rye 

Cheddar Cheese

Goat Cheese Rolled in Italian Seasoning and Garlic Powder

Blueberry Scones

Mini Cupcakes


I made this digital invitation

that was inspired by the

theme and the yellow was

taken from my maternal

grandmother's  china set.